A B O U T *

Hi, my name is Denise! 

I'm a Information Architect and Experience Strategist from Vancouver. My specialty is in designing complex and scalable systems. I craft experiences through a Human Centred Design approach by truly understanding the problem by engaging in a smart research process. Because I come from a Business Management background, I'm able to see a vision, create a development plan, and execute it through proper planning and strategy. I design with intent and strategy.

I have worked in a variety of teams in the SaaS industry, namely in marketing, customer success, and product development. As a designer, it is my job to champion the user through every interaction. I'm passionate about co-creation and collaboration through whiteboarding, brainstorming, and design pairing. I have been a part of numerous marketing campaigns and product development projects from inception to launch, which has allowed me to understand business goals and craft a robust content strategy resulting in a more inclusive design process. I'm comfortable running design sprints and discovery workshops, as well as facilitating usability studies and concept tests. I'm proficient in user research techniques such as card sorting, affinity mapping, journey mapping, flow mapping, and wireframing. 

I play a lot of video games, read a ton of comic books, and most especially chasing my American Bulldog around my house saying "leave it" because somehow he has gotten hold of my socks.